Choke Cable Bracket

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This is a special bracket to mount a choke cable under your dashboard.

When converting a car from automatic choke to hand-choke (cable command), we can supply a number of choke cables which you can find HERE.

To neatly mount the cables, the bracket is extremely helpful.

The hole is pre-formed so that the can can not rotate and it is supplied with 3 screws to fix the bracket in place.

Choke Cable Bracket

Choke Cable 180 cm long 99901.023

This is a choke cable of which the outer cable is some 180 cm or 72 inches long.

Suitable to replace an existing cable or install a brand new one when you swap out a carburettor for example.

This is Weber Part Number: 99901.023

99901.023 Choke Cable 180 cm long
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